How itWorks

We deliver your favourite takeout in less than an hour.

Enjoy your favourite takeout delivered in less than an hour from just $7.50. Using our patented solution that incorporates GPS tracking, you will be enjoying great in-home dining, in a matter of minutes.

How our online ordering service works


If you would like to be able to have your favourite foods and other goodies delivered you will need to first register with us.

  • We will need some basic information, from you like your name, address etc. You can setup as many delivery addresses as you like, for when you are around at a friends etc.
  • We will keep you details private, they will only be used to provide you our service.
  • We will not keep your creditcard details on file unless you select that option.

How does it work?

Once you have joined, you will be automatically logged in.

  • You will see a frame on the left of the page. This has a list of all the stores that you can get delivered based on the current default address you have setup.
  • You can add other valid addresses from different delivery areas (ie friends or family) and then you will be able to order from stores in those areas.
  • You can sort the list of stores by A-Z, Food category or Next available delivery time, by clicking on one of the icons in the left corner of the frame.
  • You can also search for items by using the search option.
  • You will also see a time range beside each store name, that is the next available delivery time for that store.
  • Choose a store by clicking on its name.
  • The store menu will load. We have provided a picture of the store, its address, a description and the store hours, along with the times that we can deliver for that store. Our normal delivery times are 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm 7 days a week.
  • We have also provided a list of the most popular items for each store which is based on our members' actual purchasing history for that store.
  • To order something from the main menu or the popular list just click on the price of an item, you will see it becomes highlighted, and the basket info in the top right of the page changes to reflect your order
  • If you want more than one just select the right hand arrow beside the quantity at the end of the item row to increase the amount. Similarly the left arrow can be used to decrease quantities.
  • Once you have selected everything you want you can either go to another menu, or select the basket icon to complete your order.
  • Delivery costs are generally between $7.50 and $14.00 depending on your proximity to the restaurant you are ordering from.
  • You can order as much as you like from any one store. Minimum order values apply for each store.
  • If you want to remove an item you can just click the price link on the menu page again or remove it in the basket section.
  • You will see a small heart shape before each menu item, if you click this it will add this item to your favourites list to help you speed up your ordering.
  • Once you are ready to complete your order you go to the "basket" select the delivery address (if you have more than one in a single area).
  • Choose the time you would like to have it delivered, and then choose how you would like to pay ie Eftpos, Creditcard or cash.
  • Once this is complete and you click "done" your order will be placed.
  • You can always check the status of your order by clicking on the "order status" link.
  • If you have any problems with the system you can always ring 0800 15 16 15 anytime during delivery hours.
  • We have also included a history section so you can review your purchases, and see what you bought, when and how you paid, to help you reconcile your personal accounts. From here you can print your tax receipts.
  • There is also a preferences section where you can fine tune your FoodRunner experience.