Opportunties For New FoodRunner Merchants

FoodRunner will be having a presence in all the major metropolitan cities in NZ.
  • Are you servicing the home dining market?
  • Are you missing out on those thousands of at-home or office order-in diners?

What we offer you

We will make your menu available to our ever-growing customer base of thousands! Can you imagine thousands of tables that you do not need to wipe down, set with crockery or cutlery, have an attendant deliver food to, clear between courses and have no dishes to be washed? This IS what is available to you NOW through FoodRunner! No drivers for you to roster or to pay to sit around waiting for orders, we take all that pain away! Our services will take care of this for you 7 days a week.

We will likely be your biggest take out customer in short order.

GPS tracking of drivers will ensure your orders are collected as soon as possible by assigning the nearest possible driver.


Most restaurants are unable to commit the level of spend we do to advertising. More bang for our buck!


Your menu will be included on our website which will include a photo or logo, a blurb about your restaurant and your full takeout menu.

How your customers order

Customers can order by sending a text message, calling our tollfree number or via the internet @ the FoodRunner website. They can pay by cash, eftpos, credit card or Restaurant Association Gift Voucher.

Future Enhancements

  • A facility will be added so customers may, if you choose to partake, book a reservation online to dine in your restaurants.

Interested? Send us an email to Don't waste any time! Limited places available in each area.