E-mmediate as it was called back then was started in 2001 in Auckland NZ. That makes us the oldest most established meal home delivery service in NZ and probably one of the first worldwide. That is because two friends and pioneers in their respective fields, Dave Fermah (of The Video Source) and Nick Wood (from Ihug internet (now Vodafone)), had an idea about delivering video movies to homes.

This fast developed into delivering all sorts of other merchandise ranging from chemists, bookshops, wine shops, video hire stores to convenience store products to food. We had small cars zooming all around the central city.

Soon it became apparent that the biggest seller was food. Good restaurant and take-out meals that people wanted to eat at home –but didn't want the inconvenience of leaving the house to get it.

Four years ago, we sold FoodRunner to an Australian concern that operated a similar activity there. However, recently some of the original owners have taken Foodrunner back.

The last few months has seen us improving our web site and introducing new features such as easy ordering from your smart phone or tablet.

We think you will enjoy using our site and tasting the offerings from our specially chosen eateries. Remember, we don't have all or just any food establishment listed. We make sure that we offer the creations of leading exponents in their respective culinary field.