About Us

E-mmediate wants you to stop thinking this IT lark is a financial rip-off. We want to save you stress and anguish. And of course dollars!

E-mmediate Labs is a professional IT company providing web development solutions for companies or individuals interested in outsourcing their web design, application development and web development needs. We are pioneers in rendering dynamic, smart and professional web based solutions for small to large enterprises as well as for other IT companies.

Here at E-mediate we know what it’s like for those unfamiliar with the IT industry and all that it involves. Over a very short period, the internet and associated technologies have evolved into a diverse and complex field of specialities where experts involved themselves in certain disciplines only. Much like specialists in the medical field, or engineers, or even teachers.

Gone are the days where one person with general IT knowledge can sort everything. Come to us –we can do it all!

That’s why if it is all too daunting, you can contact us to help you through the myriad of jobs required to get your particular project working. Properly. We can quickly assess your initial requirement(s), thereby saving you valuable time and money.

Our fees are extremely competitive –you will be very surprised. We could save you over 50%! Contact us and find out how….


Web Design

Our Designers will design a sequence of screens that your application user has to go through in order to accomplish a certain task. We have a team of avant garde, formal and standard creators ready to offer you examples that will really communicate your business to site visitors.


Getting the edge on your competitor(s) is all about being creative, and that is why Search Engine Optimisation has come to the foreground in the web industry.

Web Development

We’ve worked closely with our customers to develop websites to perform a specific task or build on a particular strategy. We will do the same with you!

Android/Iphone apps

From enterprises to start-ups we have built mobile apps on all popular platforms: iPhone, Android and Windows. Please contact us to talk about what you have in mind…


Contact us

E-mmediate Labs
PO Box 47032
Auckland 1144
New Zealand

Toll Free: 0800 15 16 15
Email: info@e-mmediate.co.nz